Andy DeFrancesco – A veteran in Canada’s corporate world

Andy DeFrancesco is a guy who has a wealth of capital market experience. He has been in the industry for 26 years. He assumed senior positions in some of the most established independent investment firms in trading, sales, and investment banking in Canada. As a matter of fact, he became the founder and co-founder of some of the North American small and mid-capital companies and industries.

DeFrancesco is the chairman of the board for Cool Holdings since December 2016. The company is a Nasdaq listed investment company and currently owns a total of 17 officially licensed Apple boutique retail stores in various parts of the world such as Florida, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic. The company plans to roll out in Canada and in other states. Andy was a part of Delavaco Group; a global private equity firm that focuses on small and mid-capital corporations in various sectors. Andy was the company’s director and chief investment officer.

Andrew Defrancesco’s Career Start

Andy’s career started in Midland Walwyn before its sale to Merrill Lynch. He was hired by CM Oliver, the oldest investment bank in Canada. He was the head of trading and sales. The company was acquired by Canaccord Capital. Andy’s role transitioned to investment banking and established his partnership with Serruya Family as a strategic advisor.

He became the chief investment officer of Serruya Family Office in 2005, which eventually led to his role in Epsilon Energy. His career prospers even more as he founded Dalradian Resources. He was also the CEO and chairman of the company. Dalradian was sold for over $500 million. Other companies he founded were Delavaco Energy, P1 Energy, and APO Energy, which was all successfully sold to Parex Resources.

In 2013, Andy, the Delavaco Group, and Serruya Private Equity has invested a total of $6.2 million in Aphria Inc. He was a strategic advisor of Cole Cacciavillani, Vic Neufeld, and John Cervini. Three years later, Andy led the Delavaco Group to create DFMMJ Investments Ltd. The company has acquired one of the medical cannabis licenses in Florida. The acquisition caused Andy and the Delavaco Group to create Liberty Health Sciences. They negotiated with Aphria and Serruya Private Equity to join the partnership. Andy was also instrumental in convincing his partners to lead investments in the cannabis media platform; the PROHBTD Media Inc.